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Looking for your next opportunity to make money. Digital Business Opportunity is where the Business world is now heading since Covid-19. No matter what type of business you want to run and start online, we have the answer for you.

Register for our Free virtual workshop, and learn how anyone can join the thousands of people who are making the move to internet-based business ownership!

In this workshop, you will find the answers to these questions

  • What products or services should you sell?

  • What systems do you need to use?

  • Where to start ?


     Filo Aiono Tuineau

  * Step 1 - Set Up Your  Business

* Step 2 - 14 Days Trial

* Step 3 - Choose  a Plan 

Graduate student from Auckland University of Technology with a Degree in IT. Currently residing in Australia and own different successful Online Businesses with the intention to help others create their own Online business and run it from the comfort of their homes. 

Thanks for submitting!

Have you ever dream of owning your own business or any of the below businesses from the comfort of your home, but don't know how?  

  1. Online Shop of any products of your choice i.e. shoes, women clothing, men clothing, etc.

  2. Online travel and tourism business

  3. Online Booking business

  4. Online Hotel / B&B booking business

  5. Online English teaching Business

  6. And a lot more

More Reasons to Sign Up:

1. It Doesn't Matter Where You Live

We work with people globally to set up their own international business.

2. You Dont Need to have Business Experience

Most of the people we work with don't have business experience! We've got business coaching built into the program!

3. You Dont Need Technical Skills

No need to worry about building websites! Our system is already built and managed for you.

Yes This Could be your  Business to Own

Contact us

4. You Dont Need to Hold Inventory

Forget the overhead! Work with suppliers that don't require you to hold any stock yourself!

5. You Won't be that push "Sales Person"

Nobody likes to be pushed or pushy! Learn how to use "attraction marketing" to get your clients.

6. Ship Direct to your customers

No more worries about dealing with shipment agency. All our suppliers will ship direct to customers

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